Thursday, January 28, 2010

What excites me

O M to the G.

Is it Friday yet?
Since they announced we are closing, all I can think about is being at home. Not here at this job.

I am excited to be home and get some painting done, get my homework done during the day and not all night/ weekends. Not saying I won't have some on the weekends but I can get a head start on it.

I have plans on walking every day. Losing a few pounds.
Cooking healthy/delicious meals.

Organizing my house.
Cleaning things.

It gets me excited!
Am I crazy or what??


BEE said...

that is exciting
youll have some more time for yourself
id be excited :)

pam said...

New follower today!

You def. have the one door closes, another one opens type of attitude and that's great!

Rita A. said...

Wow that makes for a busy weekend Happy Friday Follow - Rita @