Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So proud

The kids were out of school yesterday for MLK day.
I had to take TC to the dermatologist. He did really good.

I see TC maturing a lot just in the last few months. He is way more verbal.
He is wanting to learn things. He asks questions about conversations that usually he would not even pay attention to.

I just want to cry typing this because whew! it has been a long road so far. And I know it will continue to be but it is nice to see progress.

My Mom even mentioned how he has changed since she was down in November. I will post more about our visit on my Tx. blog but I just have a huge smile on my face because of how well TC is doing.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome Kristi! Way to go TC. It truly is a blessing and makes a mama's heart smile when they see the improvements in their kiddos. It also makes us appreciate the little things in life. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This is a really positive post. He's making progress. That's wonderful and something to be celebrated.

CJ xx

Lola said...

Good Stuff Kristi!!!!! You are a great mom!

jennifer said...

I'm smiling with you Kristi. Our hearts are so in tune with our kids and their needs. We can be hurt so easily and we can rejoice easily too. I prefer rejoicing :)

Have a wonderful weekend!