Saturday, January 23, 2010

Moving to S. Carolina?

Ugh. TC has been a pill this week. My teen is freaking that we are moving due to my job..LOL. Nope, we are not transferring to the new lab in South Carolina. Not happening. A lot of the older people at my job are considering it though.

They don't have kids and they don't have a kid with Autism either. There are days I wish I could move far away though...don't get me wrong.

TC has been so on edge this week and I think maybe it's the weather, or maybe he is like women who have PMS because he does this like once a month for several days straight.

My husband has already made me mad this morning so I am not really in a good mood....and he told my mother in law we would come over.
Oh joy.

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Leisa Hammett said...

Hello, found your blog on another site's roll and had to click over in that I also have a child on the ASD spectrum. I like that you emphasize the positive. The folks who do not seem to get a lot of air time. Here's to the Good Things that do come with this different journey!