Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nasty nurse

Remember this post? From my old autism blog??
I had to see the nurse yesterday when I picked TC up from school because he was sick.

So, the school NURSE BUSYBODY has struck again!

TC bumped into another student and his loose tooth became even looser. No biggie, right? Well, she sends me a note saying "Baby tooth needs to come out-it will help the adult tooth come in more straight and it's already coming in."


We have had 2 instances with her that already pissed me off. So I was sure to address this one too! Here is my note to her.

I received your note about Tony's tooth. I am aware of his loose tooth as well as the tooth growing in behind it. Tony is very well taken care of and it is not necessary for you to give me parenting advice. This is the third time that you have done this so I want to address it yet again.

I will be taking Tony to the dentist but he is special needs and there is a waiting list to take him to a specialist.

We have to work together because Tony does have health problems but I do not want this to continue to be an ongoing issue.

Kristi Crazy

And I clued the principal in with an e-mail.

MS. S,

I have had several unnecessary comments, calls and notes from the school nurse. I addressed the first two without mentioning anything to you because I felt like maybe she would stop. However, yesterday there was an incident where Tony bumped into another student and his loose tooth became even looser. The nurse sent a note home on a nurse referral saying that his loose tooth needs to come out because the other tooth is growing in behind it. I am aware he has a loose tooth. I am aware another tooth is growing in behind it. I do not need her to tell me how to take care of Tony. I have already talked to a pediatric dentist and will get him in as soon as they have an opening.

The first incident with her was earlier in the year when she called me and asked me had I seen Tony that morning? (Of course I had, he can't drive himself to school!) Because his eczema was bad at the time and she was calling to tell me that he needed to go to the doctor. I had already set him up with the dermatologist who I was taking him to later on in the week. The phone call was not done in a nice way, almost like she was questioning my parenting abilities.

The second incident was about his weight. I realize Tony is overweight. I take him for well child checkups every year. What bothered me was that she sent home a list of things I needed to go buy at the store for him to eat because "that is what worked with her kids." She also said he needed to eat better and increase his activity in order to lose his excess weight. I responded to her letting her know maybe she needs to brush up on autism, and that most autistic kids have food issues, and that he is VERY active. Every evening he jumps on the trampoline or goes for a walk for atleast an hour straight OR MORE.

I sent the nurse yet ANOTHER note today and let her know that Tony is very well taken care of, and it is not necessary for her to continue to give me parental advice. Maybe it feels like I am being unnecessarily harsh but I dealt with this LAST year from his school nurse in the other school and I don't want it to be an ongoing problem here at this school.

I just wanted to let you know about this.


The follow up was the nurse called me and got very nasty and I went off on her..this was last year. I mean I was PISSED!!!!!

When I went to get TC from school yesterday, the nurse had him in her office.She was actually very nice and cordial and so was I when she brought him to the office.

Go, me!!

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