Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bustin' it up!

TC drew this picture of the Hulk, his latest obsession!

I really wanted to knock this girl out this morning. Her daughter goes to TC's daycare. She lives farther than me but we drive the same way to daycare, and often I am behind her driving to daycare, or vice-versa.
She was behind me this morning.
She is a very very aggressive driver.
She was on my butt the whole way. Finally I had enough, and I put on my brakes.
She then whipped around me.
And I was like, "OH Hay-Yull no!"I was able to pass her in the other lane and I was fussing the whole way.

Once we got to daycare BEFORE MS THANG got there, she pulled up as TC and I were walking in.
I said LOUDLY to TC "Some people need to slow down! Some people need to try to stop running over Mama!"
I know she heard me.
I was so mad I was spitting nails.
I wanted to give her a piece of my mind but I was worried she would talk smack and I would then have to knock her out and then I would go to jail!

But, boy was I mad!!


BEE said...

i hate people that ride your donkey like that
i love that pic though too cute
the hulk has boobies lol
i cant wait till my son can draw like that

Can Diet Help with Autism? said...

Thanks for sharing your anger for the terribly rude driver who drove around you like a maniac!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I love TC's drawing! Absolutely love it! And I hope the morning drive gets better!

Jennette said...

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giggling kids said...

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Hil'Lesha said...

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Lisa said...

Stopping by from the Friday Follow. I am mom to 2 boys on the Autism spectrum. It's always good to meet someone who knows what it's like.

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Jessica Warrick said...

Hello im a new follower form Friday Follow and i just love your attitude and spark. You sound like me and that makes me want to read more. Oddly enough i to have a son with an ASD disorder. so i know your struggles that you go through with him on a daily basis. my son is high functioning but still very needy and very autistic. If you ever wanna talk about it email me at
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faithfulma said...

New Friday follower here...I have an 12 year old with life can be sweet and sour all in one day :)Have to have humor or life will kick your go it!
feel free to follow me back

MoonNStarMommy said...

Love the driving ..... I really don't like drivers like that, drives me insane :(