Sunday, September 6, 2009

Emotions, my day, bad news

OMG, lots of drama lately with my sister. I cried a lot this week and I e mailed her. She keeps saying "Time will hurt me so bad."
And my response was that I can't BEG her to come around and I feel if she had not read my personal blog, she would not have been hurt.
I am tired of apologizing.

N-E ways, I had a great day today. Visited and old friend and her family (Hi KRISTI) yes, she has the same name as me!! I could kick myself for not taking pictures, I had my camera too!

She reads this blog and I was so excited to see her after many years. She won't be able to get rid of me now!! Love you girl!

Came home to bad news, hubby's uncle was cutting tree branches and one hit him in the head, he had to be rushed to the hospital and had bleeding internally. (In his brain.) Had to have surgery, but is still bleeding in his brain.

Prayers are much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

so sad about uncle
in my prayers
btw i am not anonymous but having a hard time getting my comment to work