Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A loss

My heart just breaks for this family.
I see the look on Jon's face he is amazed and so in love with this young man.
When I see photos of Jon now, I can tell he is taking his son's death very hard.
Who wouldn't?
They are now saying he had autism.

I am not judging their decision to share this information. But if more people in the spotlight made autism known, perhaps there would not be so much ignorance in the world today.

Regardless, they lost a beautiful boy.
I could not imagine.

As hard as the hardest days with TC are, I can't imagine my life without him.
Thanks for all of the kind words that help get me through. They definitely help.

Especially the ones that say, this too, shall pass.
And TC will not be stuck at 7 years old forever.
He WILL make progress.
HE WILL surprise me and everybody else.


Bina said...

That whole thing is so very sad. How does a parent EVER get over a child's death? They don't. I just hope their beliefs help them to continue to be loving, doting parents to the child they have left, and not dwell on what could have been with the one that passed.

Chef Penny said...

You can see the love in his face when he looks at his son. It's sad that they lost him and that they didn't feel comfortable enough to share his condition. They could have dine so m uch for the autism community.