Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This crazy weather in TX has Tc's allergies and eczema AND asthma in an uproar. His body is revolting!!

Between the breathing treatments, creams for eczema, nosebleeds and basically not feeling well...I think I could lose my mind.

TC hates to brush his teeth. I told him this morning that he needed to come into the bathroom so I could brush his teeth.

He was not happy about this and he punched me HARD in my chest. I grabbed his arm and told him no way, no how was he going to be physically abusive towards me! So, he turned around and punched Sara!

Oh no he di-n't.

I fussed him out.
Then he started crying.
And having an asthma attack.
And punching himself in the throat.
(When he can't breathe, he punches his throat or chest).

Then I had to give him a breathing treatment and try to calm him down and get out the door before we missed the bus.

The thing is, TC is VERY verbal. He has come so far. But I am hoping this weather brightens up or I may very well lose my mind.


Bina said...

You poor thing Kristi. How do you just not bawl your eyes out sometimes?

jennifer said...

I hope the weather give and TC's allergies eczema and asthma settle down. I'm sorry the frustration over having his teeth brushed got away with him. Prayers that tomorrow morning will be much smoother.