Thursday, August 20, 2009

Drama drama

Sara is continuing to have girl drama. It is 2 girls at her school who send her ugly messages on My Space. She was in tears today telling me one girl said, "I will hit you in the penis." How stupid can they be??? She is worried there will be more drama once school starts.

I just e mailed her principal. Here is my e mail.

Ms. Shamrock,
I am writing to you because my daughter, Sara Armpit, will be in 8th grade this year and I wanted to give you a heads up on some problems she is having.

Over the summer, Sara had had some problems with a couple of girls who will also be 8th graders. They have sent her nasty messages on her phone and on my space. The girls are Faith Rackface and Kristen Headeater. Part of the problem is that Sara is a very good girl and chooses not to be involved in some things that are not age appropriate. She and Faith go way back and have had problems since 6th grade. Over the summer, Kristen became upset because Sara didn't want to go to her birthday party, which Kristen had invited Faith to. I told Sara it is her choice who she wants to be friends with and she should not have to be bullied or forced to hang out with people who mistreat her.

Sara has told me that Faith has a history of being in trouble a lot at school and I told her that school is for learning, not socializing and certainly not for being mistreated by others.

Sara is worried that these two girls will continue to harass her and I told her I would make sure to fill you in on the situation since school is starting very soon.

If we have any problems, I will be in touch.

Kristi Armpit

(names have been changed)

She did e mail me back and said she would keep an eye on things.


Lola said...

I think you are doing the right thing-letting the school know ahead of time the situation and being proactive-now stay on top of it and keep an open dialogue with sara and document..sigh..schools are all about documenting...
Girls can be nasty eh!?

Beth said...

all I can think is: "I wonder what name Kristi would give ME?"!!!!

I was just watching "Mean Girls" tonight...and it IS high school. Girls can be SO DAMN MEAN. Boys just duke it out, punch each other and then they're fine...they can be friends even. Girls cannot/will not do this.

Stay on top of this girlfriend.....girls can be vicious.

Bina said...

I love the last names you used!

Okay, those two girls sound so freaking immature! They said they would hit her in the penis? That sounds like something a 7 or 8 year old would say!!!

Hope things go okay for Sara!