Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ready to go

Well, we got the a/c fixed, actually the a/c works fine, the condenser in the attic was not installed properly, therefore was leaking. $475 later it is fixed. The guy was recommended by my coworker, he brought another guy with him. He tried to just hang the condenser and leave. Hells no. He needed to fix the drain pan and pipe. It took him a little over 2 hours. Sounds to me like he made a killing!

2 hours of work for almost $500.

We won't be calling him again!!

But it is fixed and I guess that is what matters.

So we are heading to Oklahoma in a bit. I am supposed to meet up with my Mom this evening. I have no doubt that my sister has already filled her in on my other blog and what I said in it.

Oy vey!


A Bishops Wife said...

Beautiful Blog. I tried this backround on mine a while back but I am a creature of habit and went back to my same ole clovers.

Where are you going in Oklahoma? I have two sisters in Altus, that is a small town east of OK City.

Try to get some down time and relax. You sound a lot like me, you go nonstop.

Bobbi said...

Have fun and dont worry.