Thursday, August 13, 2009

I sent my sister the link of the girl we went to school with. She is going to be on "The Biggest Loser". She lost her entire family, her hubby and kids in a tragic car accident. I told my sister that life is short and that sometimes we do things for a reason. And although I hurt her by some things I said in my blog, I do blog for my own personal reasons.

She told me that I obviously did not learn my lesson because I am still blogging.

What the hell??
I e mailed her back and said:
So I should stop blogging because you found my Tx blog?? Do you not get that the people who read my blog have been there for me when NOBODY else was???

I told her I loved her but I won't bother her anymore.

And I won't.


Beth said... can't please everybody, so just focus on your and your kids. That's all you can do. If someone gets upset about something they might read ina stupid BLOG, then they have bigger problems to worry about. If you don't like what you read,....THEN DON'T READ IT!!!! simple, no?


Lola said...

She can't control you and you can't control her. You will have to love her from afar for awhile-it's been her choice. You tried:)

Anonymous said...

My sisters also think blogging, and sharing anything personal in doing so, is totally out there and not something a sane person would do. Well there you have it then, I never claimed to be all that sane... or normal... or boring. I'm glad I'm not and I'm glad you are happy being you too! Blog on Kristi, blog on!