Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hurting others

My sister found my Living in Tx blog. I know she is hurt by a lot of things I said about her.

I have apologized.

She says she feels betrayed.

I understand how she feels and I realize that my actions have consequences. What's done is done.

I have apologized and now I must move on.

My blog is my way to vent.

Sometimes I get angry, write about it, and move on.


JudiElise said...


I am sorry there was some fallout from your other blog(s). That happens sometimes, when we use the Internet for our journal. Hopefully, your sister will eventually get over this.

I feel honored that you invited me. I will make it a bookmark. But, what did you do with the other blogs...shut them down? And, didn't you start another private blog? Just checking because I have not been able to read my list of blogs lately.

Bobbi said...

That stinks. I lost your old private blog.

Lou said...

I know it feels like a blog is private sometimes, you never think family will find it.
But actually, it is a very public thing, and so easy to find who someone really is..even when you make up a name.

Hopefully, your sister will forgive and forget over time.

Melissa H said...

I'm here, listening and reading. I went through something similar with a fair weather friend, if you remember. I didn't even say anything bad... I just simply said the things that I was too frustrated to say at the time and prefaced it by apologizing if she read it. You feel what you feel. You didn't mean to hurt your sister; you just happened to put it in writing. Moving on is good.